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Wine Refrigerator (Wine Cooler) Review

Preserving. Optimal temperature. Durable. Noise-free.

How does one characterize a good wine refrigerator?

A good wine cooler fridge must have a few essential characteristics that translate into rewarding practical benefits. These follow.

  • Temperature control: The temperature control must be accurate. And you may go for single, dual or multi-zone chilers, depending upon your needs. A good wine cooler refrigerator will be able to maintain the temperature you desire in each zone.
  • Capacity: Estimate how many bottles you want to store together at most - is it around twelve, or more? Select the size of your fridge accordingly.
  • Size: Understand the physical space that you can afford to keep it at your home. Make sure that you get something that fits your space requirements.
  • Noise-free: This is critical. A real lot of motors are quiet initially and then start becoming noisy from the next year onwards or so. That's disturbing. So a strong recommendation is to go for well-researched models rather than arbitrary ones.
  • Durability: Does the wine cooler brand have a good track history of lasting long? Does the motor rust? How is the warranty?
  • Looks and finish: A wine refrigerator is an item that you would want to be proud of. Get a good-looking one that matches or contrasts well with your home and satisfies your sense of aristocracy. Get a bright and lively-looking wine storage rather than a drab dull one.
The wine cellar refrigerator models we researched and found good are below. The best prices again are from Amazon, across different brands. Amazon also provides great shipping and an overall good buying and owning experience. We have made our best efforts in reviewing the best available as on today, and we sincerely hope that you will find our reviews helpful in your decision making.

We have identified the best price link at this time and added along with each model for your convenience, please remember to come back to this page to find back the best price links given here when you buy if you want great bang for your buck.

Haier 50 Bottle Wine Cellar: Rating

Click this link for today's cheapest price

This is a cooler in its own class. With a really silent motor, huge storage capacity of 50 bottles, and easy control and handling features, it is one of those models that you would simply want to look at. It is even equipped with an automatic setting for red and white wine. The tray is full-view and tray glide storage racks makes it possibly the easiest to store and bring out wine bottles. If you have the budget, this may be the wine refrigerator that you would dream to own. Overall, this is our #1 choice of brand as of today for wine refrigerators.

Haier has some other models too and each of these are top-notch with 5 star ratings from CWGLive. In our opinion as well as going by customer views, these are the best ones to go for. The current best price links for each of these are given below, so remember to use this link always:
Click here 24-bottle single-zone wine celler (black)
Click here 6-bottle wine fridge (black)
Click here 6-bottle thermoelectric wine celler
Click here 4-bottle wine celler (black) (CWGLive note: this is a wonderful device if such a small capacity is good enough for you)

Vinotemp 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Digital Wine Cooler: Rating

Click this link for today's cheapest price

VinoTemp does a great job with its single-zone wine cooler. Its thermoelectric system is a robust one, and the temperature control system is also good. The quiet motor is its biggest asset. The build is solid, the looks are good and the energy efficiency is noticable. Overall, this is definitely one of the units that you would want to evaluate. We recommend with a strong go-ahead.

Vinotemp also has a 26-bottle wine chiller which is again a 4.5 star in our opinion. The quality is as good as the 18 bottle unit, but the price is on the higher side. Unless you are a true lover of wine, we suggest think twice before you invest this much. The best price link for the 26-bottle refrigerator is given below:
Click here for the Vinotemp 26-bottle fridge

Emerson 12 Bottle Wine Fridge: Rating

(5-star rating for the smaller unit)

Click this link for today's cheapest price

Electric touchpad for accurate control of temperature accompanied by blue LED display adds a great look and feel to this wine refrigerator. The cooler is energy-efficient and the heat dissipation system is tehchnically advanced. The blue interior lights makes the unit bright inside too. The cooler is sufficiently silent. The leg balance leveling is adjustable. Overall, a reasonable wine refrigerator.

There is a 8-bottle cooler unit from Emerson with similar but not the same features. That is a great one - clearly a 5-star. Consider it very seriously if you are looking for a smaller wine refrigerator - it is the best in this class. Here is the best price link for the 8-bottle unit:
Click this link for the 8-bottle Emerson unit

Avanti 30 Bottle Digital Wine Cellar: Rating

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Avanti wine refrigerators are one the better fridges available today, and the 30-bottle wine cellar is no exception to this. Good design, including stainless steel finish, reversible tempered glass door and wood trimmed shelves - these are fridges worth considering. The space management is great, the system is compact, and the internal space is great too. The digital temperature display and easy-to-use control finds a corner of heart of every owner.

Avanti has some other options too. They are also recommended with a 4 star CWGLive rating. Here are the best price links for the other units:
Click this link for the 40-bottle Avanti fridge
Click this link for the 18-bottle Avanti wine cooler Click this link for the 16-bottle Avanti refrigerator

AW-180E NewAir 18 Thermoelectric: Rating

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The NewAir AW-180E thermoelectric wine cooler and refrigerator has an eighteen bottle capacity with easy-to-use digital controls. The display is touch-screen and well-contrasted thanks to a bright LED display. It is easy to handle and intuitive in nature. The internal LED within the wine refrigerator makes it easier for you to identify the right wine and the arrangement makes it convenient to move the wine bottles in and out.

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