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Facts and Myths: Review of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes are equally effective, non-intrusive and cheaper

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From the desk of CWGLive

So you are here looking for an electronic cigarette. But which one? Electronic cigarettes are ignored and sometimes even laughed at by the traditional cigarette manufacturers and companies. Then there are smokers who have never tried an e-cig and yet tend to ridicule them on heresy basis. On top of that come the often-nonsense advertisements from many liquid nicotine sellers. Its confusing, and more so if you are looking for an e cigarette for the first time ever.

This report is aimed to enrich the reader with an educated orientation giving an insight to the truths and myths surrounding electronic cigarettes. We further recommend some electronic cigarettes that we believe to be among the best.

What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered device designed to meet the smoking desires of smokers. And the good ones do a great job of it. Since these cigarettes are cleaner, with no fire and ash involved, you can smoke them in a number of places that do not allow tradditional cigarettes. So if you are a smoker, you could choose to opt for an electronic cigarette for a much greater flexibility of smoking - you can now smoke almost (but not quite) anywhere.

E cigarettes look and feel like real cigarettes. They use liquid nicotine as the smoking substance. They are available in plain and flavored versions. They give you smoking pleasure like real cigarettes. You can make real smoke out of electronic cigarettes. They have no fire, flame or ash. They help you eliminate the notorious smokers' breath.

Watch this video to get a hands-on feel of how an electronic cigarette actually is.

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How do electronic cigarettes work?

Electronic cigarettes are battery powered gadgets. These are designed to provide inhaled doses of nicotine or non-nicotine vaporized solution. They provide a flavor as well as a physical stimulation that the traditional cigarette would stand to offer. The better the flavor and physical stimulation that an electronic cigarette can provide, the better is the experience of the smoker.

E-cigs are unique in way they work. The process of smoking involves smoke with no combustion. The end user, however, enjoys a complete sensation of smoking - as much as a real cigarette if not more. To make the process feel as realistic as possible, the electronic cigarettes that are commercially available are made to look like traditional cigarettes. They even have red LED lights fitted on the tip that glow with "smoking" using strategically placed sensors. Typically, electronic cigarettes are reusable, and the parts can be refilled and replaced as and when necessary.

Anatomy of electronic cigarettes

An electronic cigarette comprises of two essential parts. One of them is the mouthpiece or cartridge. This is a small cup-like piece affixed to the end of the tube. The small plastic cup inside the cartridge is saturated with a flavored liquid solution, which controls the nicotine levels. Air can flow around this inner cup. There is also a hole at its end, through which the air can flow into the outer piece. This is crucial for the device to provide the capability to move the air into the user's mouth. The user can refill the cartridge once it runs out of liquid, or can replace it with a new and fresh cartridge.

The other part of the electronic cigarette is its heating element, which is also known as its atomizer. Atomizers provide the heat that is necessary to vaporize the liquid so that the vapor can be made available during inhalation. Atomizers typically last 5-7 months, but good ones will last longer. Replacing atomizers is extremely easy, although it is not free of cost.

As far as the battery is concerned, some of the electronic cigarettes use lithim-ion rechargeable batteries while others use traditional ones. More and more e-cigarette makers are moving towards the rechargeable battery model since it is more user-friendly for the smokers in practice. The newer e-cigarettes come with USB charger kits as well as the traditional charger kits. That essentially means that you can recharge your electronic cigarette battery from your computer or car USB port as well as from the traditional power sockets.

Are all electronic cigarettes the same, or is there any difference between them?

While the basic operating principle is the same for all the elctronic cigarettes, there are finer variations that differentiates one from the other. The most notable one is the number of pieces. Two-piece and three-piece electronic cigarettes are the two major ones available today.

In case of two piece e-cigs, cartridges come in with fresh and clean atomizers built in. As a result, one never faces the requirement to purchase a new atomizer ever during the lifetime of the electronic cigarette. Not only that, the performance issues of the atomizer over time gets taken care of.

In case of three-piece electronic cigarettes, the atomizer comes as a separate piece and a separate warranty. The refill cartridges are cheaper - it can be cheaper almost up to 50%. New atomizers are also inexpensive - the price ranges are around the $10 mark. So, getting a new atomizer every 10-12 packs would save you some decent money while retaining the entire quality of the smoking experience. Some of the atomizer makes advertise their products to be self-cleaning.

And then there is the question of strength of the e-cigarette. Are all electronic cigarettes of the same strength? Luckily, no. The liquid nicotine is available in different strengths. Liquid nicotine is available in all kinds of strengths - strong, medium, light, extra-mild. This corresponds to the different strengths of traditional cigarettes. But there is another flexibility with an electronic cigarette that is uncommon among the traditional ones - you can have flavored liquid for smoking with no nicotine if you so desire.

From where should I get my electronic cigarette?

If you've been doing your research, you already know there are a decent number of choices for choosing an electronic cigarette company. After our due diligence in market research, we are confident to refer 2 brands as of now. They are as follows.

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